A Finger Knitting Project for Absolute Beginners

It’s been a month of “firsts” for me and here’s another one. I’ve asked Hodge Podge Crafts to visit and write a post – it’s good to have a break from and for me. My only criteria was to use yarn in the blog. I wasn’t aware that she wasn’t a knitter or hooker! So big round of applause for Hodge Podge Crafts.

Hi, I’m Gude from (Hodge Podge), where I blog about crafting with, and for children.  I am so excited to be guest-posting here at Monster Yarns!  When Judit invited me to do a guest post here, her brief was ‘anything with wool’ and I admit I was a little stumped at first.  I don’t knit or crochet, so I turned to Pinterest for ideas…

Pinspiration hit and I learnt how to finger knit (with just 1 finger).  It’s SO easy, even very young children could have a try and also quite addictive!  I was able to do it while watching TV (with subtitles!), so there’s very little concentration required 😉

You will need:
– wool
– a blank card and envelope
– a needle and thread

COST: pennies
AGE: 5+ (with help)
TIME: an hour or more

Photo 23-07-2013 13 59 27

How to finger knit with just one finger:

  1. Tie a loop in the end of your wool and put the loop over the index finger of the hand you don’t write with.
  2. Use your writing hand to make a second loop around your finger, just above the first loop.
  3. Lift the first loop over the top one.  You’ve made your first ‘stitch’.
  4. You can either tighten the wool, or leave the stitch loose (it depends what effect you want the finished cord to have) – I made mine quite tight.
  5. Keep looping and lifting to make stitches until your cord is as long as you need it to be.  To finish, cut your wool and thread it through the last loop, pulling tight.

It really is as easy as that – I couldn’t quite believe it!

You can use the finished finger knitting to make friendship bracelets, or, as I did, write with it.  I was totally inspired by (Anne at Flax & Twine), who made a beautiful tassled love cushion using her finger knitting. I used mine to make a new baby card (it could be for the new little prince, but actually my friend is due next week and I know she’s having a boy!)

I simply wrote ‘boy’ in joined-up writing on a blank card in pencil, then stitched the chain of finger knitting right onto the card.  It was a bit longer than I needed, so I just cut off a little from the end and unraveled the cord until it was the right length, refinishing it with a tiny knot.

Even if you’re a talented knitter or crocheter (is that a real word?!), I thought it might be a nice way to use up any leftover wool once you’d knitted or crocheted a cute little outfit for a new baby…

Do you finger knit?  What have you used it for?

Thanks so much for reading this post.  Do come and visit me at Hodge Podge Craft  or follow me on Twitter (@hodgepodgecraft) for more ideas & crafty chat!

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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14 Responses to A Finger Knitting Project for Absolute Beginners

  1. Fantastic! I have a niece who is getting flustered with the basics of knitting (she’s only 12 and I only see her once, maybe twice a week). I thought about trying her out on a round loom but I think we will try this first. Thank you! 🙂

    • monsteryarns says:

      Be careful with the looms. They can be really fiddly too.
      Try getting some really chunky self-striping yarn and get her to finger knit. If she just does it all on one finger she can make an infinity scarf. If she does it in four fingers, then cuts it in three and plaits it together, she could have a really funky cowl. I’ll do something on this in September if you’re interested.
      Good luck. I find that children I teach want immediate results!

      • Sure thing on the immediate results feeling – you want to keep them engaged and wanting to learn more. Thank you so much for your advice, I will give it a whirl! 🙂

  2. caityrosey says:

    When I was 8 years old a friend and I spent every afternoon at our after-school program finger knitting. At the end of the school year, our combined project wrapped around the school at least two times.

  3. louisefrost says:

    Now that’s something I’ve not had a go at! What a good idea. Looks like I’m going to have to go out and buy some wool now! 🙂

  4. Awww…. So beautiful, wish I knew how to knit I would be so happy.

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