My First Give-Away AND More Awards

I’ve had a good day today meeting some lovely new crafters and calmly watched others learning to create colourful quilts. It reminded me how important it is to pass on crafting skills. This prompted me to run my very first Give-Away.


This is a really useful go-to source for all things knitty from beginners to more advanced knitters. It has clear illustrations and lovely patterns for all skill levels. If perhaps next time the publishers could put this book on a ring-binder, it would be 100% perfect. But don’t take my word for it, here’s what Amazon has to say:

Learn how to knit with this essential handbook for creative knitters, from bestselling author Claire Crompton. Whether you’re an experienced knitter or a complete beginner The Knitter’s Bible contains everything you need to know about knitting. With full easy-to-follow instructions for all of the knitting basics, from knit and purl stitch to casting on and binding (casting) off, as well as more advanced techniques, such as Fair Isle knitting, cables and lace knitting, and circular knitting. You will also learn how to read knitting patterns and how to adapt garment patterns for your own designs. The extensive stitch library section provides instructions for over 100 different knitting stitches and at the back of the book you will find 25 step-by-step knitting patterns for gorgeous creative projects.

Getting Started go back to basics with an overview of the yarns and equipment you will need, and then learn basic knitting techniques with easy step-by-step instruction, including knit and purl stitch, casting on and binding (casting) off, and how to read knitting patterns.

Creative Options this chapter expands on the basics with more advance, creative knitting techniques, such as Fair Isle knitting, lace and cable knitting, and circular knitting.

Exploring Choices learn how to embellish your knitting projects with beads, smocking, tassels and cords, and knitted flowers. You will also learn about shaped knitting techniques, medallion knitting, entrelac and mitred squares.

Stitch Library a comprehensive library of over 100 different knitting stitches, split into seven sections: knit and purl stitches; gansey patterns; texture stitches; rib stitches; cable stitches; lace stitches; and edgings.

Knitting Projects full instructions and knitting patterns for creative projects, from scarves and mittens, to throws, cushions and knitted garments.

And to get your hands on all this, all you need to do is follow my blog, “Like” Monster Yarns on Facebook and follow @MonsterYarns on Twitter. The more you follow, the higher the chances of winning! I will draw the lucky winner on 4th August and notify everyone of the result on 5th August in my Monday blog.


During the week, I’ve also received two awards! Thank you to All Night Knitter for coming back to read my posts, appreciating them and nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Rachel has been with me since the beginning, through thick and thin and she’s not afraid to share her views. Love her.

Blog award

The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award are quite simple

  • Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
  • Share seven things about you
  • Pass the award on to seven nominees
  • Thank the person who nominated you and add a short blurb about them.
  • Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs
I have found being “revealing” quite difficult. Bear with me.
  1. My husband proposed to me on the middle of Waterloo Bridge in London, (the one overlooking Westminster to the West, the City of London to the East and since 2000 the London Eye on the South Bank) on one knee with ring on Valentine’s Day and I was wearing…a mini rubber dress. Is that two facts?
  2. I used to date the bass guitarist from a now defunct pop group, who were the supporting band to A-Ha on their UK Tour in the early 90s. That is a very sad claim to fame.
  3. In a previous life, I was a barrister, regularly donning the white horse-hair wig, black stuff gown and other paraphernalia just for my daily job.
  4. I went to Afghanistan on a “holiday” in 1998. Yes, the Taliban were big then.
  5. I think ugly men are sexy e.g. Walter Matthau, Jean Reno, Danny DeVito. Beauty is over-rated, although my husband is on the dishy side of good looking. Now that MUST be at least two facts.
  6. I’m going back to Uni when my boys leave school. I should always have read English Literature.
  7. Between then and now I am most definitely doing the City and Guilds Hand Knitting course. I have so many pattern ideas and no real technique for committing them to paper. It’s got to change before my head bursts.

My seven nominees are:

  1. UK Crochet Patterns – fantastic collection of all things for hookers. Lovely Linda is doing a fantastic job of pulling together creative bloggers, information and patterns for crochet lovers.
  2. Creative Pixie– beautifully photographed sewing and crochet tutorials, patterns and more.
  3. A Crafty Brit in Berlin – tasty recipes, updates from Berlin (seriously cool City), lovely comments and the cutest earrings.
  4. HappiHappu – this charming blog reminds me of the things that make me smile in life. Go check it out and smile.
  5. 1craftsmittenmama – choc full of ideas, colourful presents, thoughtful gifts and I love her because she’s as nutty about yarn and colours as me. If that were at all possible of course.
  6. Knitting Rays of Hope – reminding me that the world is full of kind and generous people whose actions make a positive change to those around them.
  7. Life in CMYK – another visually stunning blog with really interesting science thrown in. And all about COLOUR.

And last but not least in this rather mammoth blog, thank you to Funky Air Bear for being super sweet to nominate me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. It’s very flattering to be nominated by someone who has such a wide-ranging and creative blog.

I’m really pleased that someone else also thinks I should wear this badge on my blog, but I promise, my head will stay the same size. Since this is the second time I’ve been nominated for this, I shan’t re-invent the wheel, but please follow the link to find my answers and nominees from the last time – my nominees for Super Sweet Blogging Award.
Thank you for reading and come back soon. Don’t forget the Give-Away!

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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15 Responses to My First Give-Away AND More Awards

  1. garnharmoni says:

    Congrats on your awards! Fun and interesting facts. 🙂

  2. Seriously, you are too sweet! Since I am already following your blog, Facebook Page and on Twitter I have nothing to do but show up and cross my fingers! Have fun with your giveaway – but I secretly hope I pummel everyone else for a fancy-shmancy new book!

  3. Nicole says:

    Fun facts, rubber dress and all!

  4. *Wisher* says:

    congrats on winning the award… heehee.. I’m a newbie to your blog.. and have followed on FB, twitter and also wordpress.. 😀

  5. She called me lovely. I heart Judit and her rubber dress!

  6. Hannie says:

    I already like your FB page, follow you on Twitter and regularly read your blog… yeah erm I think that must make me like an internet stalker or something lol. Then again I’m your friend in person so I guess that makes me less stalker-y!

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