Summer Weddings

We all love a wedding, especially a Summer one, don’t we? As soon as the invitation thuds on to the door mat, my head is filled with wondering about the Bride, the Dress, the flowers, the friends and relatives, the Dress, the food, the venue….And then like a comet it hits me. What to wear?

Well this time, I’ve been clever. I managed to buy a silk dress in the sales last year which I’ve not yet worn (no risk of anyone having seen it before) and since it’s last year’s, there is less chance that I’ll bump into it on someone else. Vanity, thy name is a middle-aged woman!


Unfortunately the weather has now conspired against me. The calendar and the invitation quite clearly state that it’s summer. The weather unfortunately has not quite caught up with this fact. In a bit of a flap I consulted my stash and found this. A rather lovely summer yarn from Austermann, in neutral shades but with a tweedy colour mix woven in.


And since I’m not really a wrap person, I knew it had to be a crochet item. And here it is.


The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the following – the ends are not yet worked in, the edging is not quite right and it’s not blocked. You’d be absolutely right. I always dread the ends, I made a booboo with the edging whilst on the train (not enough elbow room to double check my counting) and I really worry about blocking crochet work. 


So it’d be fair to say that this is still WIP but it will be done. Or else I’ll freeze.

Despite the teething problems with the edging, I’m quietly pleased. The jacket took no time at all to make and I can see myself wearing it at different occasions not just for the wedding. And that can’t be a bad thing! Bring on the Wedding. I can’t wait again!

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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7 Responses to Summer Weddings

  1. Leah says:

    That is beautiful!!!! Wow!!

  2. That is such a beautiful cardigan. Great job! Have fun!

  3. How great to have made your own wedding outfit accessory! Very organised and – I might say – fabulous. It looks really good, perfect for the occasion.

    If you want some weather, you can have some of our’s. It was 35 degrees and incredibly humid in Berlin during the week. Really too much, only the shade was bearable. Since then we’ve had a major storm things have cooled and to pleasant 25 degrees. Woops, I’m showing off now, sorry. 🙂

    • monsteryarns says:

      Thank you! It’s my sister-in-law’s wedding and she introduced me to my husband. I’m really looking forward to it.

      The weather here is just appalling. I know it’s really English to grumble about the weather but it’s mid-June and I’m still wearing woolies.

  4. daniellajoe says:

    It is elegant and regal looking! And I almost never block either…

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