Granny Squares are not Square

You may remember that a few weeks ago I came to appreciate Granny Squares for two reasons – I fell in love with a wonderful pattern in Best of Interweave Crochet (23 March) and I went to a Granny Square tutorial held by the lovely Betsy Makes ( You may even remember my first attempt. If not, you can’t get away, because it’s here.


Well, since then Granny Squares have been in my mind, gently fermenting with creative ideas. I genuinely do want to crochet the granny square cardigan but NOT with the specific granny square suggested. And I’ve been toying with the idea of crocheting a summer throw, perhaps with granny squares, perhaps with another pattern, I’m not yet sure. However one thing is for certain, Granny Squares do not have to be square. But when is a Granny Square no longer a Granny Square? This little semantic issue has been in my mind whilst I’ve been toying around with different yarn, crochet squares (and others), trying to work out the best pattern.

To start with I followed Betsy Makes’ advice and recreated the Rosy Posy square from Cherry Heart ( It is a beautiful square which you can vary quite a lot depending on the colour combinations that you use. My attempt looks like this.


But then I carried on looking at other squares and making round patterns square. So what I ended up was this.


Ignoring the awful yarn (!) I used, the shape is very pretty and it could very easily be joined together to similar shapes in different colours to create a throw.

And the other one I’ve been playing with is this one.


Although it is most certainly not a square, especially as I gave up the struggle of adding the other two corners (couldn’t face those pesky ends all over again), it could be made to look a bit more like a square. Therefore it must be a Granny Square, no?

One thing I know for certain, this is not, and never will be a Granny Square, but I like it a lot.

JpegJust imagine a whole throw of these little stars all joined up in a light and airy throw. Yum.

In case you’re wondering, the first pattern is Granny Wheel Square, the second Frozen Star, the third Five-Point Starfish (I KNOW, I got carried away). All and more available in the wonderful Harmony Guide Crochet Stitch Motifs.


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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13 Responses to Granny Squares are not Square

  1. Looking at your posts always makes me wish I crochet! Lovely as always!

  2. I started making a starfish tablecloth in thread and it is taking forever, and oh my, the ends, 🙂 I had big ideas of covering my whole table but Im quietly telling myself a doily wont be so bad lol.

    I read the book Seamless crochet and there is a very similar starfish pattern in there except its all made inone peice, but look like lots of little motifs joined together, the whole book was fascinating actually, it was interesting to see how you make the chains for the second square before you have even worked a stitch in the first motif.

    • monsteryarns says:

      Thanks for that – I’ll have a look at the book. I’ve seen the cover a few times but you know how it is – it’s either another book on crochet/knitting or my husband : )
      And I really really really hate ends. I admire your patience for persevering. How about a runner?

      • Ooooh, thanks for that idea, that thought had never entered into my head, a runner is a great solution as I could then add more motifs a few years down the line if the fancy took me, ty 🙂

      • monsteryarns says:

        I’ve recently seen a vintage crochet pattern for a runner which I want to recreate in Christmas colour for obv Christmas. I thought it was a great idea to give an old/boring table linen a lift.
        Your stars would look great in the middle of a wooden table!
        Ditto on libraries. I feel a bit bad as if I’m in love with a book I just keep on renewing the borrow. I’m sure they’ll introduce a maximum number of renews just because of me : )

      • My libary already has maximum renews lol, I think its 10, but you can keep the book out as long as you take it into the library on the 11th renewal, ( i renew all mine online) I think its just to make sure you still have it and its not lost or summat. If someone else showed an interest in the title they would ask you to return it so dont feel bad. Libraries are closing all over because people dont use them, so you are helping 🙂

      • I got my copy from my local library but plan to buy my own. I use the library to check the books out before I buy.

  3. the second one remind me of a teddy bears head, it would look cute worked in browns.

  4. caityrosey says:

    I like that starfish shape too. It would make a lovely summer shawl or blanket.

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