My Crochet Girlie Summer Bag

When you’re out and about with your loved ones, do you end up carrying all their sundry items and possessions they no longer want to carry themselves? Sweets, scarves, toys, rubbish and one never ending stream of “stuff”. For this purpose, for years now, I’ve always carried a large hold all just changing the colour for different seasons. This year, I’ve had a little rebellion. I’d like to go back to cute bags, and heels, and skirts and just be a woman again at least on holiday. So the idea of small bag made by me took form.

Now this was an interesting project for so many reasons. I used a linen/cotton mix yarn suitable for 3mm hooks. Since I wanted to complete the project for this Summer, I started holding the yarn double. Then I held it triple. Then I decided that there was no way I would line the finished bag so I knew I  needed a really dense pattern and I started again. But by this time I also wanted a little colour scheme change so I held a copper/cocoa and green/cream yarn (double each) together and used a smaller hook. And finally my bag was born. I think it was worth the hassle.


I know that like cushions, bags do better being lined. However apart from buttons, cuffs and the odd bit of mending or curtains, I really don’t enjoy sewing. Therefore I went with a herringbone half-treble crochet stitch which has a nice texture but is also dense, especially with the yarn being held quadruple! There is no way that the content of the bag is going to fall through the stitches. I tried keys, lip gloss and pens. Nothing fits through.


The stitches look a bit distorted but this is only an illusion due to increases and the fact that the bag is already stuffed! The upside of doing and redoing the bag so many times is that the linen has started going soft much earlier – the bag has plenty of body but feels nice at the same time.

I chose a flat-topped bamboo handle to match the flat bottom of the bag and decorated with a flower and “leaf” in slightly glitzy yarn. Nothing too fussy, after all, I’m not a total girlie! I rather like this bag. I ma make it into a kit for the coming summer sales which I’m doing.

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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3 Responses to My Crochet Girlie Summer Bag

  1. I was always worried to try a bag BECAUSE of the whole lining thing. I’ve made them for grocery bags but nothing I would trust my keys in, but this is lovely!

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