From Random Acts of Kindness

A few months ago,  Helen from Fuss Free Flavours (do check out her yummy blog), rather randomly and totally kindly gave me some yarn – I believe it was someone’s left-over stash which they were house-clearing. The stash-buster wasn’t even meant for me, but I was at the right place at the right time and Helen was magnanimous. There was a lot there to get excited about but to keep on track, there were two lovely self-striping (what else!) DK cotton balls of yarn from Katia (their now discontinued Degradé range) in a warmly gorgeous pomegranate. I recall that I held them for a while just to remind myself of summer.

It took some time to know what they would become. In fact for several rather depressing days when I had run out of the yarn but was nowhere near finishing the project, I thought that I’d have to start again. Knight on White Charger aka husband challenged the Google Dragon and made it locate for me what seems to be the only wool shop in the UK which still has some of this yarn left in the colour I needed. And so after yet another random act of kindness, my shawl was born.


It is of no particular challenge in the pattern department, being a M1 at each end and two in the middle. There are no lacy patterns, cables or other textural distractions (all right, I did add a few drop stitch rows to break the tedium as the rows were getting L O N G). However I’m very pleased – the bannisters are showing it off quite nicely here.


To make sure the edges never ever curled, I added a shell finish on the top and some non-tassly tassles at the sloped ends.


It’s my first complete piece ready for that summer holiday that is yet to be booked. Here’s to a long, hot Summer!

Let me know what you think – it’s always good to know that lots of people agree with me : )

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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7 Responses to From Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Sam says:

    Oh I love this. Thank goodness you found the extra yarn to complete your shall. It’s very beautiful indeed, pretty, pretty colour. Sam xxx

  2. lisagono says:

    The edge is sooo pretty, but simple

  3. Han says:

    That’s so pretty 🙂 I really like it.

  4. HKnits says:

    Really pretty shaw. Love the color and how you changed it up just enough. Love that your hubby googled it for you. Very supportive.

  5. Janette says:

    The wrap, and yarn, is gorgeous. I love the edging too! Jxx

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