Tactile Cushion

In the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of research on cushions. I’ve seen cushions in the shape of clouds, or to look like sheep, pebbles on a beach even. All tremendous fun but I was after a more tactile experience. I wanted a colourwash of touchiness. Something soft to cover up my now-boring linen cushions. To spruce up the house and make me want to reach out and touch. After a few hits and misses in the pattern department, this is the final outcome – what do you think?


As ever, my photo skills fall on the side of beginner. However the alternate view is this.


The pattern I adapted from a free one offered by Rowan, available to those who subscribe to the Rowan newsletter at http://www.knitrowan.com. It was designed by Martin Storey and is called Big Bobble Cushion. I wanted the bobbles to not only texture the cushion but also to give it a slightly different look depending on how you turn it. So I thought that with a slight arrow shape, I could “point” to different things in the room! And by having two smooth stockinette corners, the yarn is also allowed to shine through.

The knitting itself is simple and once you figure out the bobbles, it’s just a question of tension. It must be said though, the bobbles EAT yarn. So much so that rather than covering the entire cushion, I decided to call it a day on just one side, and attached it directly to the existing one. It measures a whopping 24″ by 24″.

I’m a little precious about it at the moment and no-one is allowed to sit near it. My nearest and dearest can’t wait until I’ve finished the other one (different design entirely), so that when I transfer my attention to the new “precious” cushion they can actually start using this one. Difficult? What me?!

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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