Small is Beautiful (and Useful)

Now that the painted eggs and chocolate eggs are gone, it’s time for new projects. But before I talk about those, here is what I’ve been working on to keep myself busy in the odd moments which are available during holidays. I always find spending time at home very busy, so there is not much time for complex projects with involved patterns – these are saved for the commute! During holidays there is only time for small, discreet, easy-to-put-down projects. A great time to experiment with different yarn and create small gifts.

My mini project was a set of coasters. To be honest I started off just experimenting with different yarn and crochet – which I haven’t done any of for a few months. But I’m brushing up on my skills and even going to a Betsy Makes class in a few weeks. After I used various yarn just to crochet in the round, I realised that it looked pretty with a simple shell edging and my experiments turned into coasters. What’s more, they are actively being used. I consider that a success!


There really is no pattern. Just crochet in the round until you get to the size you want for the coaster, then add an edging of choice. The shell pattern is five DCs in the same stitch, but you could use any other edging you prefer. I think I’ll try a picot edging next.


My wonderful canine companion who will be 5 next week. I think all dogs need a special collar for those big events. I can’t say that she cares too much whether she wears it or not!


But here it is being worn. Sort of….


The pattern is easy – just knit or crochet a cover to fit the existing collar and add on colourful petals in a design of your choice. The hard bit is persuading your pooch to wear it!

It’s been fun creating small, discreet projects. There was no time to get bored with the pattern, the yarn or to wish for it all to be finished. Although I’m really looking forward to the next big knit, I’ve kept some small ideas to be done as a bit of “downtime”.

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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5 Responses to Small is Beautiful (and Useful)

  1. Sam says:

    Judit I think you are a bit too advanced for my beginners crochet workshop, although it will be lovely to have you there. You work in American terminology , yes? Your coasters are lovely, I hope you will be joining me on the crochet doily revival soon!!! Sam xx

    • monsteryarns says:

      Thank you but no way too advanced – I’ve never crochet a granny square before. And that cardigan is calling ….
      I used an American book to relearn crochet a few years ago and since then, confusion reigns!
      If you’re interested, most of my previous crochet items are on Ravelry.

  2. Kelli says:

    I love your coasters! What a great idea!

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