Interior Design, High Fashion and Wool

This morning saw the opening of the Wool House in the recently renovated west wing of Somerset House in London. An event supported by The Campaign for Wool and focussing on how wool is used in fashion, interior design and crafts. It is due to run for a glorious 12 days.


The concept is an “open house” with the west wing being exhibited as a home, using the noble wool as the subject. Naturally, there is a large focus on interior decor with seven separate rooms having been designed by such names as Donna Wilson and Kit Kemp. The remaining three rooms are given up to high fashion and woolen designs of designers lnown for their love of the material e.g. Hardy Amies, Jonathan Saunders and Christopher Raeburn.

Once you have sauntered through the impeccably organised showrooms, there are plenty of other opportunities to sample crafts using wool. Spinning, crochet, darning, knitting in all their stages are either offered in workshops or as demonstrations by well-known designers from Rowan and also Debbie Bliss throughout the days of the events. A spinning artisan will be in residence for the entire 12 day to show the ancient art of spinning. There are goodie bags and the chance to meet designers.


The entire exhibition is organised to perfection with every detail perfect in wool. The show house is varied and will appeal to people of all tastes – there are plenty of opportunities to gleam ideas and start dreaming of new projects.
If you have been planning a day trip to London, now is definitely the time to go. This is the world’s largest showcase for wool. It is truly beatiful and it is free.
For further information, go to  
For further detail on the Events during the exhibition go to
For further information on the Campaign for Wool go to
but you will definitely be hearing from me more on the Campaign and its events!

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